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Sunday, September 25, 2016


Tickets are in hand, car is reserved, AirBNBs are booked. We had to move up the start date of the trip to get decent airline prices, so now we leave on the 6th, not the 8th. This is the same day I'm supposed to be doing a presentation to a couple hundred people at work, but it'll work out. I'll do the presentation, and head straight to the airport.

Preparations are well underway. I've got a new security camera in the house, the neighbors have been notified, and I have a coworker coming to feed and water the cat. Still much packing to do. I found that everything electrical I need to take can handle 220V power, so I just need physical power adapters. I picked up a couple coats from the REI clearance rack, and yesterday some new synthetic pants.

I found out the other day that Papa (my maternal grandfather) is from Akureyri. We knew it was somewhere in Iceland, but not where. It turns out my uncle knew, so we're taking some of Papa's ashes to spread.

Other things we're planning to do:

  1. The Blue Lagoon
  2. The Icelandic Phallological Museum
  3. A trip to the Arctic Circle, on Grimsey Island
  4. Whale watching
  5. Puffin-bothering
  6. Super Jeep touring
  7. A trip to the Icelandic emergency management agency (Almannavarnir) if I can get permission

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