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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reykjavik, Part 2

Just a long drive in the car today, from Akureyri down to Reykjavik. We did stop a couple of times, to see one seamount and outside Blönduós for some horses that were by the side of the road. That last one was a bit of a mistake - the roadside ground was a swamp, which we didn't find out until I'd sunk in almost to the tops of my shoes.
(Update - Mom wants you to know that the horses loved her).

Finally we made it to the apartment in Reykjavik. We're on the outskirts of downtown. It's not quite as nice as the other places we've stayed, but we're only here the one night. Interestingly, the van we rode in out to the horseback riding tour is parked in the lot behind the apartment - the driver must live here or something.

Tomorrow we're going to get up, go out for coffee and pastries, get some last-minute souvenir shopping done, then head for the airport. We need to be there before 2 to drop off the rental car, and to hit the Duty Free for some brennivín.

Next stop... Home!

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